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What makes tire service at our dealership special?


Our trusted parts advisors are passionately knowledgeable regarding vehicle specifications and ensure you get the proper tires for your vehicle and driving style. 

We make full tire service convenient for you.  We sell, swap and store your tires for you!

Our tire and wheel packages offer installation, balancing, alignment and much more!

Guaranteed lowest pricing!


We feature a wide selection of top brands and manufacturer-recommended tires, most that are likely in stock. 

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Tire tips from Dixie Mitsubishi

Question: What is the difference between All-Season Tires and Winter Tires and why is it important to have a set of both?


Winter tires are specifically designed to perform in winter! Their special tread depth, patterns and biting edges make them top-performers in snow and ice and when the temperature drops below 8 degrees Celsius. Be sure to have them removed in the spring, as winter tires will wear down faster on warm, dry pavement.

All-season tires will not provide the same degree of grip and handling during the extreme winter conditions of driving through snow or on ice. All-season tires are designed to provide top performance in the warmer seasons.


Don't have a place to store your seasonal tires? Let Dixie Mitsubishi do it for you!