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If you're in the market for a new vehicle, chances are you have a trade-in. Dixie Mitsubishi understands that the value of your trade-in hugely affects your purchase decision, so we've put together some information to help you better understand what takes place during a trade appraisal.

Each trade appraisal begins with background history, a walkaround and complete visual inspection, and finally a test drive conducted by one of our qualified professionals.

Background History at Dixie Mitsubishi, Ontario
Your Trade's Background History.

The appraisal begins with the collection of information such as its odometer reading, an active lien search, a VIN scan and a CARFAX report, which provides invaluable vehicle history and validation of proper post-accident repairs.

Visual Inspection and Test Drive.

Once your trade's background history is completed, one of Dixie Mitsubishi's qualified professionals will perform a walkaround, complete visual inspection and take your vehicle for a short test drive to determine performance.

Based on all information collected, the inspection and the test drive, we are now ready to provide you with a trade appraisal for your vehicle.

Helpful Tips for You: Know the Market.

Utilize free tools such as and study the value and the demand for matching vehicles in similar condition in your area.

Maintenance Matters.

Ensure you have up-to-date service receipts for your vehicle. Proving that you've kept your vehicle in optimal condition speaks volumes. A well-maintained vehicle will always command a better price!

Condition and Cleanliness.

Take a look at your vehicle through the eyes of a prospective buyer. Does it look and smell clean? Are there any chips or cracks in the windows and/or dents and dings in the body? What about under the hood - is your engine caked with grime and sludge? The same things that make you feel good about a new vehicle will come into play when valuing your trade.

 We at Dixie Mitsubishi hope that these tips will help you to prepare yourself and your vehicle to receive the best possible value for your trade.